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Many lamps here have antique bases. Some are made entirely of glass. The "Lodge Lamps" have antique wood bases and custom made metal mounting platforms. They are large floor standing lamps suitable for chalet style rooms. The glass is from Uburos and is hand picked for unusual color and intensity. These are truly stunning pieces and will be the center of interest in any room. We can custom make these lamps for you with wide open choices of color, size, glass, materials and style. Call or e-mail me for more info. 
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tajmahal1.jpg (20924 bytes) 100032 - Taj Mahal "Lodge Lamp"
72h x 15w x  15d
shade 23.5h x 13.5w  / $1795
shade is handpicked Uburos glass - wood is antique red oak - metal is gold powdercoat
contains 4 - 8" long bulbs x 60w
uburos1.jpg (20820 bytes) 100033 - Golden Swirl "Lodge Lamp"
70h x 21w x 21d  / $1795
shade is handpicked Uburos glass - wood is antique golden oak - metal is copper powdercoat
contains 4 - 8" long bulbs x 60w
3lite.jpg (18082 bytes) 100024 - Three Lite
20.5h x 11w x 11d / $495
antique marble base - copper plated metal parts - 3 way lite control
bearsphere.jpg (17605 bytes) 100025 - Bear Lamp
33h x 13w x 13d / $695
cast bear lamp
blueandwhite.jpg (25328 bytes) 100026 - Blue and White
22.5 h x 14w x 14d / $249
spotted milk glass and brass antique baes - mirrors on shade
bluemexicoglass.jpg (15659 bytes) 100027 - Mexico
27h x 11w x 11d / $229
Mexican art glass - deep blue and olive green swirls - changes dramatically when lit
greenblueripple.jpg (15021 bytes) 100028 - Green River
29.5 h x 11w x 11d  / $229
antique brass base
greensquare.jpg (12997 bytes) 100029 - Woods
22 h x 8.5w x  8.5d / $295
green and brown swirl Uburos glass - all glass lamp - 2 lites, one in base
pewtersmall.jpg (17971 bytes) 100030 -Nightcap
16h x 9w x 9d  / $149
antique pewter base - very unusual birds eye glass - mirrors around shade