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On site in our Hurricane, UT retail store we currently have installed three networked simulators for both auto racing and/or fixed wing, and rotor wing simulations.  Call for scheduling a private demonstration.

Racing / Flying Simulator Project   

The simulator designs shown here are prototypes for commercial installations or high end personal use.  Prices for complete packages go from $5,000 to $20,000 depending on which components are used.  We can design a customized model for nearly any application, or just provide upgraded components to what you already have.  Call us or send us and E-Mail for more information.

With the recent and continual swift developments in computer speeds, graphics capabilities and high fidelity sound reproduction what seems to have been lacking in the gaming world is a state-of-the-art simulator platform built expressly to take the fullest possible advantage of each of these individual developmental fields and to be easily and continually upgradable as new and better products become available.

Many simulator builders have focused primarily on the cosmetics of their products trying to make them look good to the observer walking by. Although this may have a lot to do with selling the first ticket to try the experience, unfortunately, this focus on initial visual appeal has little to do with the quality of the simulation experience. I have chosen instead to focus entirely on the real mechanics of the simulator realizing that at any time I can mould a piece of fiberglass around these machines and create any cosmetic I may want.

I have chosen to develop these first prototypes focusing on the fields of auto racing and flying programs not only because I have personal interest in these areas but also because the best of the current commercial programs available in these areas are of an incredibly high quality level. These simulator platforms of course, because they are PC driven can be used for virtually any type of video/audio experience or indeed can just become an incredible way to watch a DVD. 

To fully experience the best of todays simulation programs one needs to maximize performance in each of the following 8 categories:


1.                  Software:      I experiment with and continually upgrade to the best of the commercially written racing simulation programs in each genre ie Nascar, Formula 1, Grand Prix, Sprint Cars, Rally, Dune Buggys etc. Likewise in flight sims with military, combat, civilian planes and helicopters. There are many inferior simulation programs and time is well invested to search out the best of category by hands on trial. Software drives all the hardware. When the best programs are located I find that the physics of the real world is replicated to such an astounding degree in the programming that the learning done with these simulation programs is at least 90% applicable to the real world equivalent. Simply stated driving the simulator is very close to driving the real car. All the programs support multi player modes for side-byside racing and can be networked over a LAN or the internet.

2.                  Computers:  1 dedicated  computer for each simulator connected to a central router / hub. Current configuration is 2.53 gig P4, GeForce4 Ti4600 graphics cards, high end Soundblaster soundcards, 1GB PC1066 RDRAM, and Windows XP. Pretty hot for today but still affordable, easily upgradable and readily available.

3.                  Input Controllers:   These have to be the best available. You just canít drive a car with a plastic wheel or fly a helicopter with a plastic joystick and have the experience seem real. Check out the accompanying pictures to see which controllers Iím now using. Expense definitely becomes a factor here but in the long run it is well worth the money to have the feel of the real thing in your hands.  Depending upon what you are driving or flying, all controllers mount simply on either simulator with specially designed mounts and threaded knobs and are totally SOLID.

4.                  Video Reproduction:   The real world canít be presented very well on a small computer monitor so Iíve used LCD projectors, mylar mirrors and a high contrast rear projection screen. Each component is individually adjustable in all directions.  The screens are 4 feet wide and 3 feet tall and could be as large as you want, space permitting. With this large screen about 3 feet from your eyes and 60+ frames a second from the graphics card the illusion of reality is very impressive.

5.                  Audio Reproduction:  Almost all current high end simulations have true 4 channel positional sound. We need to mimic the real world in terms of quality, decibels and direction. A real racecar is LOUD and rumbles - we can only do that with some real amplifier power, great subwoofer/shaker, and other components that can handle the volume. You donít have to run it loud - itís just more fun that way. See the pictures for layout.

6.                  Solid and comfortable platform:  These simulators are overbuilt in terms of strength and stability. The entire simulator platform is a one piece welded frame made of  2" metal tubing. Everything mounts to this frame for strength and in the event that a motion platform is ever added.

7.                  Adjustability of the platform:  Everything adjusts with double, large diameter knobs for a rock solid feel, simplicity of adjustment, and comfort no matter what your size.

8.                  Adaptability for future advancements:   These simulators are "platforms" in the sense that any single item can be upgraded or switched when newer technology becomes available without any modification to the structure. 


By maximizing performance in each of the above categories the current state-of-the-art commercially available simulation programs can be experienced to their fullest. Most people never realize how realistic these programs really are because they are playing them at the kitchen table with a plastic wheel and 2" speakers. The programming quality, graphics, sound, and physics are astounding - you just need to have the equipment to re-create it.

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