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Simulator room with 2 rear-projection models. Left sim as pictured is setup for Nascar racing and the right sim is setup for helicopter flight.
Side by side simulators in the demo room.
Overhead view of fixed wing simulator using full wall view.
Your view in flight with full wall projection.
Fixed wing flight controls. Note full radio stack with auto-pilot, GPS, and 4 separate interchangeable throttle quadrants.
Fixed wing console ready for flight.
Full view of fixed wing simulator with rear projection screen.
Detail of Helicopter setup. Note collective, cyclic and anti-torque pedals. 2nd monitor screen displays flight instruments.



Detail of Nascar setup (for Formula 1 the pictured wheel is replaced with a smaller Momo wheel).

Overhead detail Nascar setup.
rear view of simulator with rear projection screen.
Various wheel-pedal combinations.  Full size real leather wheels for Nascar, Dirt track and Sprint cars - Samller Momo wheels for Formula 1. Note real paddle shifters behind wheel.
ECCI Controls / Billet aluminum construction, progressively weighted braking, fluid damped steering etc. The best controls available anywhere - not available to the general public anymore.
Controllers for various simulations. All controllers will fit on any simulator.
005.jpg (104291 bytes) "JBL" Subwoofer (150 watts) integrated solidly to the base of the drivers seat. Mounted with speaker down and the tuned port facing forward it provides lots of vibration, air movement and RUMBLE.
008.jpg (78436 bytes) "JBL" rear speakers. Driven by a dedicated 200 watt stereo amplifier. By mounting these speakers close to and behind your head the 3D sound available on most current simulations adds immeasurably to the realism of the experience. When a car is approaching from behind you can locate it "by ear" as well as in your mirrors. It's amazing how many audio clues we interpret in our experience of reality.
009.jpg (84941 bytes) "JBL" front speakers. Mounted directly on axis with your ears and with large enough woofers to create as loud and deep an experience as you like. Driven by a dedicated 200 watt stereo amplifier.
010.jpg (95322 bytes) Amplifier system. Front speakers driven by a dedicated 200 watt stereo amplifier also supplying signal to the self powered subwoofer system. Rear speakers also have their own 200 watt dedicated amplifier. 2 complete stereo amps allow front and rear speakers and subwoofer to be individually adjusted with volume, tone settings, balance, EQ etc. allowing a full range of high fidelity audio optimization options.
011.jpg (67608 bytes) Rear projection screen. (3'x 4') mounted in a wood frame. Placed about 3 feet from your face it gives a realistic wide-angle view forward. Hi contrast and anti-reflective coatings allow for excellent off-axis viewing and rich colors. Rear projection offers the highest contrast ratios currently available.
018.jpg (165573 bytes) Each part of the simulator design incorporates full adjustability and rock solid locking capability. The screen can be moved up and down and forward and back allowing each person the flexibility to adjust it to their own personal ideal. Controllers also go up and down forward and back. They lock in position with hand screws and are solid enough to stand on.

7400 Bryan Canyon Rd.
Washoe Valley, NV 89704