Metal Sculptures

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Due to the volume of metal sculptures, we have put the major categories in a navigation bar on the left. Please select any of the categories to begin browsing.


All metal sculptures are one-of-a-kind items. Some items displayed herein may have already been sold and remain here as examples only. Many sculptures are coated with an an oven baked powder coat. This durable and weather tolerant coating comes in a nearly endless variety of colors and textures. Some items are painted and some are surface ground with interesting contours and shapes and then clear coated. 

There is a very wide variety of sculptures represented here from furniture and lamps to people and shapes. Sizes range from a few inches to over eight feet tall. Some sculptures have stained-glass inlays and some have lights. Some are for the wall, some are for the table and some go in the garden. You can see from all the examples here that nearly any material or combination of materials may be utilized to create a truly unique and individual piece. Color, size, surface texture, style etc. are all essentially wide open areas of exploration. Custom made pieces are our specialty. If you have some questions, ideas, or just need something for that unusual space call or e-mail me.


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