art gallery,powercoated,custom made sculptures,hand made crafts,stained glass


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art gallery,powercoated,custom made sculptures,hand made crafts,stained glass

Moonlite Serenade is an art gallery, retail store and production facility newly located in the beautiful color country of southern Utah.  Located on Hwy 9, feeding both Zion Canyon and the Grand Canyon North Rim, the retail store displays and sells mostly the items created here on-site in our shops. In addition, many custom and commissioned pieces are made for individuals and organizations. Metal sculpture in all its many faces, stained glass, watercolors, air-brush and multi-media items all are designed and produced here continually. Please browse through the various categories and items here on the web site to get an idea of what we make. If you have an idea or are looking for a most unusual piece call or e-mail us. Maybe we can make it !! 

7400 Bryan Canyon Rd.
Washoe Valley, NV 89704

Moonlite Serenade is a unique art gallery that specializes in the things one does not ordinarily see.  Art is many things, and Moonlite Serenade creates some of the most unique and interesting statues, stained glass, metal sculptures, coffee tables, and other wonderful art treasures that can be found anywhere.  Spelled Moonlite, not Moonlight, the artist Jim Vanbuskirk has created a specialized shop where customers can browse and purchase anything from the inventory with just the click of a mouse.  Sima Vanbuskirk has a wonderful clothing and tailor shop where she makes one of a kind dresses, skirts, jackets, and other clothing.  Truly a work of art, Moonlite Serenade is located in beautiful Soutwestern Utah, just two hours Las Vegas, and only twenty minutes from St. George.  Right near canyons and mountains, the shop is on a State Highway.  Art gallery, metal art, metal sculpture, metal glass sculptures, artistic metalwork, glass sculpture, embed, embedding, imbed, imbedding, glass embed, glass imbed, utah, hurricane, zion canyon, zion, tourist, grand canyon, color country, where to stop,  southern utah, saint george, st. george, handmade glass, helicopter simulator, rotorwing simulator, handmade, stained glass, ground metal, shiny, rustic, rusted, natural rust, indoor sculpture, outdoor sculpture, rust treatment, flight sim, flight simulator, simulator, racing, race car, racing simulator, nascar, NASCAR, nascar race simulator, nascar racing simulator, F1, formula one, formula 1, nascar simulator, southwest, southwest metal, southwestern metal, rusted metal, glass, stained glass, original stained glass, handmade stained glass, rustic, southwest rustic, wall hangings, yard sculpture, sprint car, sprint car simulator, computer simulator, glass in metal, glass embedded, metal cactus, custom metal, custom metal art, home cockpit, simulated cockpit, helicopter sim, , rotorwing sim, simulator platform