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"Metal and Glass Together at Last"

             The items here all are combinations of glass and metal.  Many pieces have glass actually imbedded (embed) in the metal. Others have glass backgrounds as an integral part of the overall design.   The glass is almost all hand made and each piece is individually chosen for color and uniqueness from among thousands of samples.  The metal is then designed around that actual piece of glass.

            Pictures can not do justice to the amazing depth and range of color and texture contained in these glass embeds.  The pictures contained in this section all show the glass lit from the front.  By placing the piece in front of a window or other light source the colors will change in unpredictable ways due to the layers making up the glass itself.  It's almost like having 2 different sculptures. 

            "Wall Hangings" are built with a lip across the back to mount to a wall or they can be hung in front of a window for an entirely different effect.  The glass colors will be as pictured at night (front lit) and quite a bit different in the day (rear lit).  The metal accent shapes in front of the glass are very shiny and have ground patterns within that simply can not be pictured effectively.  It's like trying to take a picture of a mirror!

            "Centerpieces" are built to set on a table or mantle or windowsill.  They can also benefit from rear light as well and some actually have candles to create yet another lighting effect.

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